Success Stories


Tanuja Rajasekaran, a student of MyGre, recently made it to the University of Manchester.




Nirupama (1)

Nirupama Putcha, a student of MyGre, has made it to the National University of Singapore





Shweta Gopinath, a student of MyGre, scores 321 on the GRE.





Please join us to congratulate Varsha Venkat, a student of My Gre, for making it to Stonybrook University and North Carolina State University.

Congratulations, Varsha!





Bala Kumar, a student of My Gre, makes it to Oklahoma State University!

Congratulations, Bala Kumar!!





Thiyagarajan Anandan, a student of MyGre, has made it to NorthEastern University.

Congratulations, Thiyagarajan