MyGre was founded by Santhosh Karnananda, an ex-Googler. Santhosh quit a thriving career at Google to pursue training. Why? In his own words “I worked with the best brains in the world, out of the best offices in the world, and enjoyed the best perks. But, there was something missing. That something, I later discovered was IMPACT. I wanted to impact the lives of people. What better than helping people get their dream scores on the GRE?”

Why aren’t students scoring 325+?

1)  Students who prepare for the GRE resort to memorizing words. Memorizing words is a complete waste of time. It does not improve your vocabulary one bit.How else to improve your vocabulary?We run a special 24 hour program ‘Learn 5000 words in 24 hours’ which is the only program of its kind.  A 5000 word improvement in your vocabulary through our copyrighted approach ensures that you learn these 5000 words and also understand how to use them correctly.
2) People who teach the GRE in most other centers in the country are part-timers who have 9-5 weekday jobs.  They teach GRE as a time-pass over weekends to earn a few hundred rupees in addition to their regular salary. Isn’t this ridiculous?. A GRE score can potentially affect the next 40 years of your life. Do you let 40 years of your life be influenced by such people?

3) The ‘Quantitative Ability’ section of the GRE is woefully neglected because it is easy to crack. We do the exact opposite. Since the ‘Quantitative Ability’ section is easy to crack, we focus enough on ‘Quantitative Ability’ in our classes to ensure that our students get a perfect 170 in this section. With a perfect score in ‘Quantitative Ability’ it is so much more easier for you breach the 325 barrier.

When it comes to GRE training, mediocrity is the order of the day. Why else would a score of 310 be celebrated? A score of 310 is anything but an achievement. In fact, only in MyGre you will find out students re-taking the GRE even after scoring 320. We have embarked on this journey to help students score 325+ on their GRE. Our students have repeatedly vouched for the fact that after practicing the material given by us, using the copyrighted techniques we teach you in class, the real GRE is a cake-walk.

Welcome to MyGre’s GRE prep – the most rigorous GRE training course you’ll ever find. With our extremely challenging course material and copyrighted techniques you will have the tools to score over 325 on the GRE.

This is my BOLD promise. Give us 300 hours of your time. We will guarantee you a 325+ score.
Don’t join us if you don’t want to score above 325 on the GRE
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